“Being creative is not a hobby, it’s a way of life.” Anon


Elliart is about expressing your creativity, having fun and getting messy! We give the children the chance to try all things Arty: printmaking, painting, collage, clay, still life, foil sculpting, the list is endless… They even get to create their very own deliciously extraordinary ‘edible art’!




We love to stretch the possibilities and give children the freedom to experiment with different techniques and materials, including the weird and wonderful… from tin foil to candy floss!

Just bring your imagination …. and let’s create!

Our goals

At Elliart we aim to…

Open your child’s imagination to the amazing world of art, colours, textures, possibilities;

Help develop a lifelong love and appreciation of all things arty;

Encourage children to work both individually and collaboratively;

Teach confidence and individuality through messy play;

Allow children the time and space to develop and voice their artistic ideas and opinions;

Provide a supportive environment for children to flourish;

And most of all:
Have fun!