After School Clubs

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have”. Maya Angelou


All classes are led by a highly experienced artist with full DBS clearance, and are jam packed with exciting and inspiring activities to make and do. Techniques are taught step by step, with all children working at their own pace.

Numbers are limited to give every child an individual experience and to encourage them to engage and create in their own way. Their art is always refreshingly unique!

Classes are a mixture of ages, which allows the children to help, teach and guide each other – creating a positive and supportive group. The young are often still working on their fine motor skills, so cutting and manipulating the materials can be tricky, but their imaginations are limitless, their approach to each task energetic. The older children are more capable but often self imposed limits are applied to their work and they can struggle to create with complete freedom. Together, they interact freely and inspire each other.

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